Portal has reached its End of Life and is no longer maintained! Use Use Cettia. ×


The Portal is a concise, lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript library for real-time web application development. The Portal provides socket for browser-based applications that need two-way communication with servers, but also aims to utilize a full duplex connection for modern web application development.

The Portal greatly simplifies things essential to real-time web applications like connection sharing, reply, heartbeat and disconnection detection. The Portal is designed by carefully considering known issues and best practices of real-time web to provide a reliable socket based on its simple protocol.


  • Server agnostic.
    • Protocol is concise and simple.
    • All you need to integrate in the server-side is to write and read some HTTP messages and JSON.
  • Full-duplex.
    • Server-Sent Events, Streaming and Long polling are supported considering their known issues as well as WebSocket.
  • Event-driven.
    • The semantic unit to be sent and be received via socket is the event.
    • Every event is an entry point for business-related logic, and its handler is a reusable unit of work.
  • Connection sharing.
    • Connection can be shared and used across multiple tabs and windows as long as browser session is alive.
  • Reply.
    • It is possible to set a callback that will be executed with data by the server, and vice versa.
  • Heartbeat.
    • It checks that connection is alive or not regularly regardless of transport, server and protocol.
  • Lightweight.
    • The portal.min.js 1.0.1 takes only 7.06KB gzipped (20.68KB uncompressed). Compare it to others.